These stock flares are captured in High Dynamic Range full float 32bit at resolution of 5472x3648 . You have the flexibility to change the intensity of the flare in post.
Flares are captured from a real lens with focal length, aperture information and kelvin temperature from 3200k to 6500k.
Each lens is shot on a grid to match flare position of your light source. Flares can be flipped horizontally and vertically to match position.
HDRI Flares can be used for
  • 2D post-production for rendering CG lights sources/ Glare to give realistic photographic look.
  • Bloom / Specular highlights
  • Fashion photography.
  • Any imagery with flares for a stylized look.
Work Flow video



Comparison to digital flares

Here you can see that the HDRI flare has much more fidelity than digital generated ones.


100% crop, refractive caustics shapes can be seen in the HDRI Flare, digital flares lacking realistic quality.


No more Photoshop lens flares :-P, more lenses coming soon.